Trends 2022 in interior design

Over the past two years, our lives have changed dramatically and most of the time we began to spend at home, working or relaxing, playing sports or meditating. Accordingly, design trends adapt to our reality. And the result is styles, decor and furniture connected to nature and how we want to get closer to it.

At the peak of popularity is the well-known style Japandi (Japan + Skandi) is a hybrid of the Scandinavian style and Japanese minimalism, Nordic practicality and Asian traditions. To dilute the restraint of the Scandinavian style, the Japanese philosophy of Zen makes the interior simple and welcoming. The style is dominated by neutral and earthy colors. But for lovers of beautiful bright colors, the solution is to use dark shades in furniture and decor to lighten the space.

Low furniture made of light wood takes the dominant role in the interior. The decor should be functional and necessary in the interior, it can be wickerwork - baskets, planters, jute rugs, raffia lamps. Lighting is an important part of the room, so window frames are devoid of curtains or curtains, translucent textures and wooden blinds are used.
Brown and chocolate shades

Natural colors are responsible for transferring unity with the earth to the house. Rich chocolate brown and light camel tones predominate in decoration, paint, decor items and textiles. These warm shades were chosen by the clients against the background of everyday gray tones because they make our life more welcoming and comfortable, and at the same time, stable and endless, like the stability of the earth. The advantage of these tones is that they are neutral and to some extent universal, the interior will not become boring after a while, unlike the trendy shades of mango sorbet or olive green.
Curved furniture silhouette

The space highlights the flowing, rounded-edged furniture that completes the concept as a sculpture. Curvilinear furniture, combining the balance of nature and culture, makes the space soft and graceful. In the interior, such furniture is like a perfectly matched dress, even if it is vintage.

In vogue tactility and textures

Textures help fill the interior with depth and comfort. Soft velvet, boucle, sisal carpets will be popular. These elements add warmth and hospitality to spaces.
Mixing styles and colors

By mixing colors in the palette, creating unusual furniture, we get unique and special interiors. We want to diversify our interior with travel memories that have disappeared from our everyday life at this stage of life.
Functionality of the room

And a very important trend of interiors is functionality. Given that the house has become a substitute for all the necessary life cycles, this has led to thinking through solutions to keep many functions in one room. So from the bedroom we can arrange a cozy office. And the living room can be a meeting room for video conferences.

Wide variety of project styles

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