What should a home workplace look like to be energy efficient?

The global pandemic has changed our daily lives. Now most of the employees have remained “at a distance”. The society is divided into two camps, for some, home comfort and relaxation helps to get rid of tension and tightness in the office, for others, the lack of live communication with colleagues and clients leads to misunderstanding and forced social isolation. Therefore, the topic of energy efficiency of the working space in an apartment or house will be relevant now.

The option of placing an office in a separate dedicated room will be an advantage for an isolated space with greater concentration. Here, we can choose a convenient place for the table, furniture for storing documents or equipment, a relaxation area, and the walls will also serve as an accent for achievements or boards with work tasks.

But what if you already own a living space with a design renovation? For this case, we propose to find a possible place in the apartment where to place the workplace. The best option would be a well-lit and not noisy room, such as a bedroom. The table should be on the right side of the window, so the sunlight will give us natural light (good for vision), raise the level of endorphins and ergonomically save the usable area of ​​the room. Blinds or curtains for windows are also needed to regulate the lighting. For additional lighting at night, table lamps or floor lamps will be used.

The optimal desktop size will be between 100-140 cm long and 50-60 cm deep. These recommendations are given taking into account physiological factors, when we calmly reach all the objects on the table and can take a comfortable position for our hands for the process of writing, drawing and working with the keyboard.

A time-tested version will go as a working chair - a chair on wheels with a comfortable pillow, movable height and back. Your body will thank you for the comfort and convenience. Such a plan chair can relieve stress with a simple rotation.
Feng Shui

 Feng Shui has always been and is in fashion - a philosophical system based on the study of the relationship between the visible and invisible world in order to achieve a conscious and harmonious space. If you follow the activation of energy through the Chinese spiritual connection - then there are some tips for programming the room where the important item is your table. It is better to place it diagonally from the entrance, thereby protecting the return of energy through the door. In the same way, you should not sit with your back to the window.

 And what about motivation?

Agree, when we are not sitting in the office, it is easier for us to relax and catch stagnation.

To do this, we need a constant feeling of movement towards our goal. Whether you're interested in the job or not, you must have value in completing the task. So make yourself a mini wish board in sight. A favorite quote that always inspires you is also a good option. As an option to make it backlit on the wall.

The motivational board will be the backbone of your productivity and energy efficiency.

Mood color blue

Oddly enough, the color of the walls affects our mood and productivity. Painting the walls of the workplace will be a fresh breath for our interior.

 Blue is a soothing color in hard mental work. Red, on the contrary, activates the mental activity of the brain. Green as the middle between these two options - stress isolation and the need for more action.

 In addition to psychological advice, it will be most correct to start from your own understanding of what color will be ideal for you. What will give freedom of expression to your thoughts and not attract strong attention.
Joy in the little things

You have probably always noticed that when you visit your friends, their house resembles its own owners. The interior fully tells about the character and features of the owner for a reason. Houses are a reflection of our own selves, because we live in this space and, taking into account our habits and daily actions, we customize our home life for ourselves. Also, the style we choose can describe our character and hobbies.

Therefore, when creating a workplace in a room, do not forget about its details. These details are the soul of the interior, which creates comfort and sets us up for quality work. Among the decor, there may be plants that are not only environmentally beneficial for the air and reduce pollution, but also have a restorative effect. Even the presence of trees outside the window calms our work stress.

Among the decor there will be an appropriate light option. It can be pillows, a floor lamp, figures. Always choose details with soul, do not put what will be indifferent. After all, correctly selected things can set you up for home comfort in the workplace.

Order in the head

Productivity is affected by our surroundings, and if your desktop is cluttered, then in varying degrees it will affect, annoy or distract from concentration. We all know the phrase "Order in the house - order in the head." Get shelves, cabinets or drawers where you can store your essentials. Arrange yourself a little cleaning before starting work, wipe the table and monitor, clear the space for new ideas and inspirations.
Coffee break

Do not forget about the correctness of healthy snacks, a cup of tea or coffee, which can reboot you and pleasantly please you among the routine. Choose a special cup, coffee pot and plate for this, let them be accent spots on the desktop that will add aesthetics and pleasure to work at home.



Choosing a style in an existing interior will not be easy. But do not be afraid of decisions and experiments. Consider the fact that you should be pleased to work there. Yes, in the end, an eclectic style is possible, which is very relevant and harmonious in our time.

We hope that our advice will give a response to your request for an energy efficient workplace. And if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you design your coveted home office. Thank you for your attention.

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