How does an interior designer work?

Everyone is familiar with the profession of interior designer. But for many there is no clear understanding of what functionality this position has. How an interior designer brings his designs to life. In this article, we will talk in detail about the stages of the project, the tasks and results of the work of an interior designer.

Technical task

First, the designer collects information about the object from the customer. Measurement and photography required. High-quality measurements are provided by companies with professional measuring engineers. If you do not know how to deal with this item, then the designer will help you choose a company.

After receiving the measurement, the designer draws up a technical task based on your answers about the purpose of the object for which the design project will be developed. Who is the design for, what composition of the premises, what appliances and furniture do you want to fill the interior, what style is close to you, what analogues impressed you and your wishes for the functionality and budget of the project.


Planning solution

The basic starting point of the design project is a plan with the arrangement of furniture. The planning solutions developed by the designer will be waiting for your approval. They proceed to the next stage only after the approval of the plan with the arrangement of furniture and equipment.


Design concept

Creative stage of the project. The designer creates a conceptual presentation based on your preferences for style, atmosphere and professional vision. This work is preliminary for 3D visualization of the object. She is also waiting for your response in agreement.

The stage ends with ready-made visualization options for several views of the object. At this stage, the visual range of your project is approved.
Working documentation

The penultimate stage is technical. The designer prepares all the necessary drawings with plans, sections, assemblies, sweeps and joinery drawings of your facility. The composition of the project will depend on your contract with him.


Material specification

And the final 4th stage of the project design will be tables of specifications of all materials used and purchase items with cost, terms and supplier references. Project bundling puts you in touch with real people who will continue to work on your project.


Author's supervision

Any design project must be implemented. This is what the designer does at the final stage - implementation. With the help of this service, control over the construction process and the result of construction work is carried out. The process is dynamic and in the course of identifying problems, the designer directly with the foreman finds the best solution for the compliance and quality of the design project. This stage is made at your request and for an additional fee.

Wide variety of project styles

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