How to choose an interior design style?

Nowadays, Instagram and magazines have filled a huge number of pictures of interiors and decor. And everything seems modern and pleasing to the eye, but you do not feel certain what will specifically associate you and your home. The style that suits you should embody the image of you and your life. To try to figure this out - start the process of finding a style that will be a pleasant investment for you.

Open your wardrobe

The first place to look for your style is in the closet. Clothing characterizes your personality. What is repeated in the wardrobe? What fabric textures do you prefer, what shades seem more harmonious to you. What do you wear for a special evening, what accessories do you prefer? By answering these questions, you will highlight your favorite style. The style of clothing will give you direction in the style of interior design.

Take a trip

Expand the horizons of your dream home. Get inspired by new places, traditions, culture, architecture and clothes. Take pictures of the details of the trip. Let your design space tell you where you want to be or have been. Create that interior style that will be a magnet of attraction, where you want to return after your daily activities.

Tactile sensations

One of the good practices for choosing a style is shopping, but it's too early to shop. Therefore, come to shops, showrooms of finishing materials and furniture, touch textures, sit on chairs, look through magazines, stop at what you like. These options will show you the right style for you.
Cultural events

Find time to get out to a gallery, museum, or exhibition. Get to know art better, study the details, highlight special art objects, paintings. What style do you prefer?
What would you like to see decor in your home? The items you choose will tell you about the style you want to live in.

Create a moodboard

Open Pinterest and collect your favorite interiors, save everything to the board. Lay out the selected pictures on the shelves, what kind of furniture you like, what palette is the most pleasant, what finish seems acceptable to you, what drawer fronts you would like to see on the furniture. As a result, you will get a description of your style. And it will be the basis for working on your dream home project.

We really hope that the completed style search tasks could lead you to the answers. And you can put the answers you received into practice for independent work or work with an interior designer.

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