Bathroom trends in 2022

Bathrooms have become a special place for spa rituals in the house and we want to see this space pleasant and relaxing. New trends in bathroom design have changed the look and understanding of functionality and conciseness, thanks to new textures, a variety of tiles, plumbing, decor and details. But first, we propose to study the trends of 2022 and compare your tastes for a new bathroom project.

Spa bath and steam room

Home wellness has already entered our everyday life, as a natural process of mental and physical recovery in a pandemic, without leaving home. Therefore, this prompted designers to accept dictated conditions in an apartment or house. Now bathrooms carry the universal function of a spa and a bathtub. Thanks to the smart home system, Bluetooth function, heated seat and floors, natural materials, the space has become convenient for privacy, relaxation and reboot.


Not all bathrooms have windows and the ability to receive natural light. To dilute the cold of the walls and the sterility of the room, the designers propose to revitalize the space by interacting with nature. For this purpose, decorative elements in the form of plants, natural materials and plant forms will serve. One such lively accent is ready to make your bathroom an oasis and a source of healing in the house.

Fluted decor

In recent years, reiki has become an important trend in interior design. Surely many are tired of it and want new integrations. But there is always a way out! Apply fluted decor where least expected. Now the design is adapted to bathrooms due to volumetric tiles, rack-and-pinion mosaics, fluted sinks and cabinets. How interesting it seems to be is always up to you.

Floral Wallpaper

The bathroom is not only a place of relaxation, but also of aesthetic pleasure. The design of the bathroom mixes and acquires a new bright image due to the bold idea of wallpaper with plant and living ornaments. This is still the same biophilic motif, but expressed by modern technology and the creativity of designers. We suggest using the fresco accent on the wall behind the bathroom or the wall with the sink.

Harmony of green and terracotta

Among the popular colors and shades, natural and natural shades associated with the Earth are green and terracotta. We owe the extensive use of these colors to tile, plumbing and decor manufacturers. Warm green can serve as a wonderful natural and at the same time accent background for accessories made of brass and bronze. And the shades of terracotta surround us and associate us with a house by the sea. Colors such as rusty, caramel, brown will go well with black accessories and plumbing.

Glamorous light

Once upon a time, bathroom lighting was a format of simplicity and unnoticed. In 2022, the trend of bright and accentuated space elements continues. The current trend will make the bathroom a noticeable center of the design concept. Among the options may be crystal and luxury chandeliers, glamorous and vintage sconces, a variety of oversized suspensions over the mirror. It is necessary to provide for increased IP in lighting devices, depending on the place of use in the bathroom.

Variety of textures

White marble always remains a classic and occupies a high position in the trends of itnterriers. All because of its versatility of application in different styles, increasing space and conservatism. Now the market offers a different kind of format of this texture and anyone can allow its use. The richness of the variety of types of stones allows designers to apply in projects not only the effect of marble, but also other natural stones, such as onyx or agate, will be a wonderful background for the bathroom.

Freedom of the shower

In conditions of a greater choice between a bathtub and a shower, showers are more popular, because they are more practical and can perform several functions at the same time. To make a choice, we must start from the bathroom area, which is usually always small. Therefore, the idea of a shower has a place to be in your bathroom. The advantage of an open shower is that we keep the usable area due to the absence of door turns. This choice of shower gives us freedom and maximizes the ergonomics of the bathroom.

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