East colors
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East colors

Design project of an apartment for a family of travelers
Year 2021
Area 73m2
Location Moscow
Client Residential interiors
The project was developed for a young family who is ready for bold decisions. They didn't want one particular style - they wanted history and modernity, elements from different countries and cultures. In such an interior, they wanted to place parts and accessories brought from other parts of the world from travel. And we managed to achieve such a decision, when already from the hallway we find ourselves in an international fairy tale.

We chose white as the background color for the kitchen-living room to highlight the many details and colors in the interior. Pastel shades of light green highlight the window slopes and make the interior special.

The kitchen in this interior looks quite simple and concise, thereby dividing the room into zones: dining room, kitchen and living room.

The use of different colors in the interior makes the atmosphere fun and lively for guests and family members themselves.

We are not afraid of bold interior solutions and are always happy to experiment with styles in order to end up with an original interior design that will please even the most demanding customer.