The quintessence of success
- Art deco -

The quintessence of success

Apartment interior design project for a successful businesswoman
Year 2020
Area 123m2
Location LCD Gardens of Beijing. Moscow
Client Residential interiors
The mastermind behind this project was the customer himself - a successful businesswoman. All wishes for the interior were closely related to her position in life and character traits. An esthete and perfectionist - she wanted to divide the space into private, for her privacy and open, for the opportunity to meet guests and enjoy the view of Moscow. The customer took an active part in the selection of interior details and accents, therefore each decor element and piece of furniture acquired its own special meaning.

The space of the dining room and kitchen is delimited by a glass sliding ribbed partition. The zoning effect is enhanced by the laconic glossy white facades of the kitchen, located in a niche, which do not stand out against the background of the white walls.

Also, the masking effect is provided by the ribbed glass of the partitions, which absorb the visibility of what is behind them.
The wall with the TV is visually higher due to the vertical arrangement of the side racks. In the area where the panel was attached, dark oblong marble with white splashes was used to accent the entire structure. The column seems quite airy due to open shelving with lighting and a mirrored surface of the walls.

We used an interesting interior solution to hide the second load-bearing column and covered it with a mirror to give space and air to the room.

The creation of a large library in the living room was one of the main ideas. Since the customer wanted to do his scientific work, in solitude with himself, surrounded by a library and a view of the city, it was important to make it as ergonomic and accessible to use as possible. Therefore, the library is located along the walls without windows and thus does not clutter up the interior and only serves as an excellent background for the aesthetics and comfort of the room.

In our opinion, the interior looks very complete, bold, with a feminine character and elegance. You can see it yourself. If you are interested in this style, we will be happy to discuss your project with you. We look forward to collaborating.