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Hotel suite
Year 2021
Area 62.1m2
Location Sochi
Client Residential interiors
The concept of interior design is the element of air.

When choosing the color scheme, we started from the Mediterranean style. Therefore, the background color of the room is neutral white. The complementary color is cool gray. Contrasting accents in furniture and textiles, decor (dark blue / pale blue / white / black) + Accents in fittings and lamps (glass / white / chrome) and wood (veneered) furniture surfaces in light warm shades.

In the decoration of the walls in the bedroom, the accent is the soft headboard of the bed. The presence of mirrors visually expands the space and attracts visual attention with its unusual discharge.
Bright details are a chandelier, pendant cabinets with agate facades, an ottoman and an armchair in dark blue.
Entering the living room, the space also expands due to the background white color and high ceilings.

Colored chairs, an armchair, pillows, curtains, a picture and a console, a carpet are also accent elements in the interior.

The mirrored panel highlights the dining area, which is designed for 4 people. taking into account the fit on a sofa without a side back.

The bathroom supports the overall concept of the interior Air. White marble-like porcelain stoneware has been chosen as the background of the room; mirror mosaics and slatted white tiles are the accent. Beautiful and bright accents of the bathroom are the unusual shape of the lamps, the hanging decor above the bathtub made of birds and additional lighting create an image of weightlessness.

If you are inspired by our project and you are ready to receive an offer from us, we will be happy to satisfy your desires to create that interior design in which you will enjoy living and being.