Modern England
- Art deco -

Modern England

Year 2020
Area 330m2
Location Moscow
Client Moscow
The design concept is based on the analogue of modern hotel rooms in London. The customer was guided by the experience that he remembered during his travels. Therefore, having conducted our research to find a design solution for the project, we started from the interior of trendy London hotels. 

The mood board we put together revealed all the details of the interior. The design is based on simplicity, brevity, spaciousness, completeness, comfort, severity, variety of textures, natural materials, accent details. All this led to the creation of calm warm colors and natural shades of materials.

The apartment was designed for a family of 4, with a babysitting room. One of the main wishes of the customer was to preserve harmony and emphasize the value of family traditions, using more premises for the opportunity to gather with the whole family and enjoy the time spent together.

The penthouse has only 3 bathrooms, one of which is for children.

If this style and design is closer to you, we can come up with something individual specifically for you, with a focus on all your wishes.